about us

Quality and Service without compromise

Keith Burrows Auto Body Repairs has been providing quality workmanship in motor vehicle repairs for 35 years.

We offer a complete motor vehicle repair service efficiently and effectively, we consistently and confidently repair clients vehicles to a minimum time phase whilst maintaining quality repair standards and delivering a high level of customer service. Our qualified tradespeople actively participate in training, furthering their skills and knowledge allowing us to stay up-to-date with today’s vehicle technology. We have I-Car training/certification on practices for High Strength Steel (HSS) and Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) repairs and Steel Structural Analysis, our tradespeople have certification in welding techniques required in todays industry for motor vehicle repairs.

Specialising in Structural Repairs

We are fully equipped to deal with both medium and large structural repairs on today’s modern vehicles that have chassis built with HSS (High Strength Steel) and UHS (Ultra High Strength) steel composites.

The methods we use are both Manufacturers and Thatchamnet specifications.

We are equipped with the latest Spanesi Touch Electronic Measuring system. This state of the art system allows us to carry out quick diagnosis on the damaged vehicle electronically with before and after readings on the areas of misalignment. The Spanesi system is used throughout the repair procedure of straightening and aligning to the vehicles manufacturer specifications. In addition to its sophistication it enables us to also measure mechanical components.

To assist with these types of repairs we implement one of our two Autorobot chassis alignment systems together utilising our Prospot welder to duplicate the manufacturers welding techniques required. Our Tradespeople have undergone training with I-Car Australia and our recommended manufacturer brands. We continue to participate in these training courses keeping up to date with the latest technology and enhancing our tradespeople skills.